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In September 2014 CIB has opened The Social Clinic

  • In the Czech Republic, therapy covered by the national health insurance is by far not available in the extent needed, with the number of clients considerably exceeding the therapists’ capacity
  • The aim of The Social Clinic is to provide quality psychotherapeutic services to individuals in demanding life situations who cannot afford to pay for their therapy beyond the range of covered healthcare
  • Offers short-term therapy (12 sessions) in the course of 6 to 9 months
  • Initiate cooperation with the potential clients promptly (the maximum time limit is 14 days)
  • Cooperates with experienced therapists who have already graduated complex therapeutic training based on holistic approaches to client
  • Offers further education and supervision to the therapists


  • Individuals who were faced or have been facing violence and aggression from other people, or in diferent difficult moments, being in a demanding situation which does not enable them to pay for their therapy can be provided with therapeutic help despite their inability to pay for this kind of help. Further on, despite their disadvantaged situations they have a possibility to work through their traumas a search for healthy outcomes and processes supporting their well-being.
  • Attendants of the biosynthesis training and other psychotherapeutic methods can practice their therapeutic skills in an environment supported by superior supervision sessions and continuous support in developing their professional knowledge and skills from more experienced colleagues.
  • The concept of The Social Clinic spreads the idea of „help with your heart“, offering a part of one´s time to help and support people in need who have been unlucky. Last but not least, the concept supports the belief that it is necessary to find rewarding energetic balance, to balance giving and receiving.


The clients of the social clinic:

  • tend to be individuals actively searching solutions to their problems,
  • are motivated to enhance their life with the help of psychotherapy,
  • work on themselves by means of therapy,
  • are not willing to keep behaving in the pattern of their past.

Pilot phase

The output of the pilot phase of The Social Clinic (from March to August 2014) has shown that our therapists often work with clients´ experiences of aggression and violence which they had to bear either as children or adults. The Social Clinic supposes it is not necessary to offer a detailed description of the many negatives consequences of their experiences for their health, both physical and mental, well-being, and their trust in the world and other people (The Social Clinic is based on the value system of biosynthesis, see; biosynthesis representing a holistic psychotherapeutic approach respecting a modern concept of somatic psychotherapy). That is why we − in the scope of this project − have decided to lend support to clients with the above described experiences.

Ethical principles, methodology of offered services

Providing quality psychotherapeutic services by experienced therapists.

  • A professional guarantee of therapeutic sessions by graduates of the biosynthesis training.
  • Providing professional supervision to all therapists cooperating with the social clinic.
  • Providing continuous and further education to all therapists − based on their real needs − cooperating with the social clinic.
  • The possibility to provide free or symbolically paid psychotherapy to people who cannot afford to pay the full price at the moment.

The services of The Social Clinic are provided by both experienced therapists with many years of practice and by attendants of the biosynthesis training (, namely attendants in the end phase of the training (lasting two years), i.e. after finishing a three-year self-experience phase, having been educated in the theory and practice of the biosynthesis method. The attendants co-operating with the social clinic welcome the idea of „help with your heart“. They are willing to invest their time to support and help people who have been unlucky.

The therapists cooperate with their clients free of charge due to their belief that an energetic balance between giving and receiving is important. They believe that personal satisfaction and fulfilment in life come with meaningfulness and usefulness of what we do. They came to believe that when providing therapeutic services for regular payments in their private practice, to reach a good balance they can afford to cooperate with a specific number of their clients free of charge (each therapist of the social clinic decides for herself or himself how many clients she or he cooperates with free of charge). People connected with the social clinic believe that clients who have been „receiving“ now, will be able to „give“ in the future to other people, to someone else. They believe that giving from their hearts helps to create balance in their own life. The number of therapists working at the social clinic (49) and those interested in cooperating with the social clinic shows that our society slowly overcomes the belief that someone will take care of us and has been coming to see that it is crucial to be responsible for what we live in, with whom and how.

Thus, the therapists receive no payments for their services. Nevertheless the philosophy of the social clinic is to provide high-level services of superior quality. This kind of service can be provided only by people/therapists who have been attending gradual education in the areas of their competencies. That is why the concept of the social clinic essentially includes professional support for the social clinic´s therapists, especially by arranging and guaranteeing professional supervisions, enabling further education, offering residencies at cooperating social clinics abroad.


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The Social Clinic

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